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Brickwall Cotton Top

Ref: 2002-6

2002-6 brickwall cotton top
2002-6 brickwall cotton top

This is a brickwall cotton quilt top. It is unfinished. Nevertheless it is an excellent collection of sample fabrics from pattern books, with different colour ways of the same fabrics.

The fabrics are cottons from the late 19th century in various shades of pinks, blues and whites. The style is brickwall patchwork with a central medallion of four pieced diamonds. The piece has been machine stitched and overstitched by hand in places where the machine has jumped.

Old pattern books would have been a useful source of fabric patches for quilt-making – resulting in the simplest style of utilitarian bed covering.

Brick Wall Unfinished Quilt Top

Ref: 2001-3

2001-3 brick wall unfinished
2001-3 brickwall unfinished detail

This quilt, which was purchased by the QA for £10, is made of fabric taken from a few different sample books.  There are many different weights of fabric – for coats, skirts and suits – and different types of fabric from natural wool, brushed cotton and man-made viscose. The central block uses brighter colours, moving out to duller shades around the edges. 


The brick wall style patchwork is hand pieced in backstitch using black cotton thread. On the reverse some complete labels can be seen, with details of fabric, weight and cost (which is pre-decimalisation).    2840 x 2390mm.

Granny’s Brick Wall Quilt

Ref: 2001-4

2001-4 brickwall quilt
2001-4 brickwall quilt detail

This brick wall quilt was donated by a market trader and is made from woollen suiting samples in navy, brown, black and grey.  The patchwork is machine pieced in brick wall style, starting with a lighter panel in the middle and the panels get darker towards the outside of the quilt. 


Each square has been individually quilted by hand in black cotton thread.  The quilt is bound in red tape with a chevron pattern in the weave.   1928 x 1618mm.

Brickwall Quilt

Ref: 2002-21

2002-21 unfinished brickwall
2002-21 unfinished brickwall detail

This quilt is made from good quality suiting samples in browns, greys, blacks, blues, purples and greens.  The patchwork of the top is a brickwall design of uniformly sized rectangular pieces which have been joined with machine stitching, apart from one long, narrow brown strip. 


The reverse is a patchwork of larger pieces, including part of an old cape.  There is no wadding or quilting, the top and reverse having been butted around three sides.  There are marks on it from old mattress springs, suggesting it was probably used under a mattress.   2145 x 1805mm.

Cotton Coverlet

Ref: 2002-7

2002-7 cotton coverlet
2002-7 cotton coverlet detail

This patchwork coverlet has a brickwall centre of red and white plain and floral fabrics, which is surrounded by of patches in various cotton fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns.  There are borders at the top and bottom, again in red and white.  There is no wadding and the coverlet has been hand quilted in white cotton thread hatching. Although the coverlet is in poor condition, the reverse  is very interesting as it is made from what looks like flour sacks.  Some lettering can also be seen including ‘BARRY DOCKS’ and ‘ASYOULIKEIT’.  1862 x 1662mm

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