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2012-7 Pembrokeshire wholecloth

2012-7  Pembrokeshire wholecloth
2012-7  Pembrokeshire wholecloth 1 2012-7  Pembrokeshire wholecloth 2

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This wholecloth quilt was made by Mary Ann Thomas. She was a dairymaid, working in a large house near Boncath in Pembrokeshire, in south-west Wales. Mary Ann made the quilt as a wedding present for a bride in 1935. In 2012 the bride’s daughter donated the quilt to The Quilt Association.

The fabric used is a faded blue cotton sateen on what appears to be the front of the quilt which has been exposed to the light. The sateen is a deep pink on the reverse, so less well used. Some wedding quilts were made reversible in blue or pink so that when a baby was later born it could be placed upon the appropriately coloured side of the quilt when guests or a doctor visited after the birth. Perhaps there were more sons born to this bride which is why the blue side is more worn! Wedding quilts were often only brought out for special occasions, such as the birth of a child, and later folded and put away. For this reason wedding quilts often remain in good quality condition. This quilt is filled with wool held between blankets.

The quilt has been boldly and beautifully hand quilted in a dark red thread. There is a central medallion with borders, and the striking use of simple Welsh motifs, including spirals, leaves, church windows (an overlapping semi circle used in the borders), fans in corners, cross hatching, and cables. The edges have been butted together and finished by machine.