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2002-14 starfish quilt

2002-14 starfish quilt
2002-14 starfish quilt 1 2002-14 starfish quilt 2 2002-14 starfish quilt 3

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This is a diamond in a square style quilt in buff and crimson with some very fine quilting. It was bought for the collection from a dealer who had acquired the quilt in Haverfordwest, south-west Wales.

The quilt measures 2356 x 2135 mm, and is made of worsted wool on the front, and linen on the reverse. Philip Sykas studied the quilt in September 2009 and explained that the worsted wool fabric was commonly used in women’s petticoats in the 18th century. However, this is a 19th century quilt because it is quilted with cotton thread. It was probably made between 1830 – 1850. The wadding is a thin layer of carded wool between two layers of worsted fabric.

The quilting in cream cotton thread features flowers, spirals, starfish and cables. The cable borders are typical Pembrokeshire designs. A tracing of the quilting has been made by three volunteers – it took two whole days to trace the entire design.

This beautiful quilt has been exhibited widely, including at The Minerva Arts Centre, Ludlow Library Resource Centre, and Holyhead Arts Centre on Anglesey. It features in the book Making Welsh Quilts by Clare Claridge and Mary Jenkins, David & Charles, 2005.