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2012-1 central medallion patchwork quilt

2012-1   central medallion patchwork quilt
2012-1   central medallion patchwork quilt 1 2012-1   central medallion patchwork quilt 2

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This is a good example of two quilts in one! It is a  Mid Wales patchwork quilt, now well-worn, with an older quilt used as wadding. It was made in 1910 at Lluastdolgwial, Llangurig, near Llanidloes by Mary Griffiths and given to her son John Daniel Griffiths on the occasion of his marriage to Ellen Leete in London.

The old quilt is made of cotton sateens and wool tartan, and is clearly visible through the well-worn reverse of the second top. Hand-pieced it features a central medallion with a pinwheel, flying geese and triangle borders.

The later quilt  is also a patchwork with a central medallion on one side, and a wholecloth in a red patterned floral fabric.on the reverse. Strips of fabric have been joined by machine. The patchwork features fabrics with stripes, spots, florals, and diamonds.

A blanket has been used as wadding at one end where an extra section has been added to increase the size of the later quilt. Uncarded wool wadding was used in the original quilt.

The quilt has been hand quilted in a white thread with simple spirals, lines and trellis patterns.