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2009-1-D appliqué diamonds coverlet

2009-1-D   appliqué diamonds coverlet
2009-1-D   appliqué diamonds coverlet 1 2009-1-D   appliqué diamonds coverlet 2

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This striking appliqué coverlet was donated by a Cheshire family along with several other textile items. The Quilt Association has since bought a wholecloth quilt from the same family which you can view here.

The coverlet (2045 x 1883mm) in red, white and blue, is made of cotton, mostly plain weave, with a strip of white twill at the top and bottom. It features both applique and patchwork techniques. Red triangles and blue strips have been sewn onto white squares along one edge and then flipped over. The other edges have been turned under and slip-stitched into place.

There is no wadding, but the coverlet has been hand-quilted in the ditch in white thread to hold the two sides together. The edges are butted. It was obviously a much-loved and used piece, as the fabrics have faded through repeated washing.