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2008-1 brickwall coverlet

2008-1 brickwall coverlet
2008-1 brickwall coverlet 1 2008-1 brickwall coverlet 2

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This coverlet came to the collection from Stroud. It was made for the family of a farm labourer who had 13 children.  It was believed to have been pieced in the 1920s or 30s, between the two world wars, and shows the creative use of tailor’s fabric samples. Customers planning to order a new suit or coat would have browsed through the sample books, choosing from wool suiting fabrics of dark tweeds and herringbones in various shades of green, brown, grey, blue, fawn and purple. Once discarded these books made ripe pickings for anyone wanting to make a cheap but cosy bedcover.

This example of a utilitarian suiting fabrics patchwork is more elaborately designed and stitched than normal. The central medallion consists of many small rectangular samples in a brickwall design. This is surrounded by two borders of larger rectangular samples - the outer one having a scalloped edge. Every piece has been outlined in yellow herringbone stitch and there is yellow running stitch around the scalloped edge. There is no wadding.

The reverse of the coverlet is a pale grey cotton which has a border of fawn curtain lining in cotton sateen.