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1999-2 crazy cushions

1999-2 crazy cushions
1999-2 crazy cushions 1 1999-2 crazy cushions 2

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A pair of cushions with covers made of crazy patchwork in brightly coloured cottons, silks and satins, some patterned with checks, spots and stripes.

The Victorian era saw a real enthusiasm for crazy patchwork which uses irregular pieces of usually rich fabrics such as silks and velvets to produce sumptuous pieces for use in the home. The scraps, of any shape and size, were sewn on to a foundation fabric before being elaborately stitched and sometimes embellished with beads and sequins. Crazy patchwork broke all the rules of more traditional patchwork quilts which relied for their impact on their repetition and symmetry. The makers were not afraid to experiment with clashing colours or to cover the fabric in detailed designs or symbols.

Each patch on these cushions features fly stitch embroidery over the seams in various colours of thread. The cushions are filled with feathers, and the reverse fabric is a pink moiré taffeta, featuring a wavy or watermark effect. This is produced by ribbed rollers used at high temperature and pressure during the fabric finishing process.