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2012-3 gold and pink strippy

2012-3   gold and pink strippy
2012-3   gold and pink strippy 1 2012-3   gold and pink strippy 2

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This is a Welsh strippy in gold and pink cotton sateen. It is machine pieced, with seven strips of different widths, and is reversible. The quilt is hand quilted in red thread in a typically Welsh style. There is a central medallion with borders, and quilt symbols include spirals, fans and leaves. The quilt appears to be filled with a blanket and other scraps of material.

The quilt was originally bought at a street market in Newport, Pembrokeshire and the buyer was told it had come from Carmarthen.  The quilt may have been produced in the 1930s at the time of the quilting revival in South Wales, as promoted by the Rural Industries Bureau employment scheme. Quilting classes, exhibitions and financial support encouraged women living in rural areas to produce high quality quilted products, many of which found their way to upmarket stores in London. The RIB ran until the late 1930s and the start of World War II, but the legacy remains with exquisitely quilted pieces such as this.