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2006-1 1970s crazy patchwork quilt

2006-1 1970s crazy patchwork quilt
2006-1 1970s crazy patchwork quilt 1 2006-1 1970s crazy patchwork quilt 2

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This is a crazy patchwork quilt made by Ellen Hamer from Glynbrochan near Llanidloes of mainly seventies fabrics.

The crazy patches have been applied to an old quilt. Brightly coloured fabrics popular in the 1970s feature predominantly, including crimpolene, cotton, needlecord, and furnishing fabrics. Many are, however, dress fabrics. There are florals, solids, and abstract patterns.

The crazy patchwork features four red crosses and a blue cross in the centre with four red triangles. There are four purple squares near the corners. The patches are applied with featherstitch in various colours, using a stranded cotton embroidery thread. The quilt has been bound with scraps of a furnishing fabric, and embroidered on both sides with featherstitch.

On the reverse quilting stitches from the original quilt are visible, showing flying geese in a border, triangles, squares, and a small central medallion with borders around.