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2002-13 strippy art deco quilt

2002-13 strippy art deco quilt
2002-13 strippy art deco quilt 1 2002-13 strippy art deco quilt 2

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This quilt, from the Carmarthen area of south-west Wales, is made from cotton fabric with a central panel in a bold Art Deco style print in pink, white and black. Art Deco arose in the first decades of the twentieth century as design influences moved away from the organic forms of Art Nouveau. It was based on geometric shapes, and influenced by many art movements such as Cubism and Futurism. It influenced architecture and furniture design, but also inspired many very striking fabric patterns such as the one here.

This is not a typical strippy quilt, but the cotton plain weave fabrics have been machine pieced in long lengths or blocks. The quilt, which was made in the 1920s, is hand quilted with an undulating zigzag pattern in a cream thread. The wadding appears to be a flannelette sheet, and the quilt was completed with butted edges (the wadding is trimmed back and the fabric edges turned inside and sewn together).