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1999-4-A Tumbling blocks

1999-4-A Tumbling blocks
1999-4-A Tumbling blocks  1 1999-4-A Tumbling blocks  2

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This patchwork tumbling blocks quilt was donated by a residential care home in Bishops Castle upon the death of the owner, Emily Matthews, in the late 1990s. Emily formally lived at Woodbine Terrace, Church Lane, Bishops Castle and became a resident at the care home in 1989.

It measures 2083 x 1990 mm, and is made of silks and velvets. There is a huge variety of silks including figures, printed, twills, ribbed, plains. Some of these have degraded over the years – the piece probably dates from about 1880 – but considering its age it is in good condition.

The filling is a woollen black fabric which could be a blanket. There is a red and black border which may be a later addition. The reverse red cotton sateen was certainly added later – it has been machine stitched but the stitching does not come through to the front.

The tumbling blocks quilt has been exhibited at the Minerva Arts Centre during a summer show, and also at Ludlow, Shropshire and Holyhead, Anglesey.