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First three graduates of our City & Guilds course!

16 September 2015

This month Heather Cardwell, Jeni Morrison, (both pictured) and Joanne Lynch received their Level Two City and Guilds Patchwork and Appliquê certificates from the Quilt Association chair – Jean Pegg (pictured centre).

Small quilt by Heather Cardwell

Jeni is herself a trustee at the Quilt Association, and she talked to us about her experience of being a student:

“Three of us have obtained our certificates so far and there are others in the pipeline.  I have completed 'distance learning' courses in the 70s and 80s, before the days of computer online tuition so this was not an entirely new experience for me. It was the online submission of my work that presented the problems, mainly due to my collection of obsolete computers. However, I usually managed to overcome this albeit by taking roundabout routes. Education Officer Georgina Newson’s tuition and support was great.

Before I started, if you had asked me what I was expecting to gain from the course, I would have said that I was hoping to become better at design. This was certainly one of the main outcomes but what I hadn’t expected was the research required into eleven artists, both textile and painters, and the wide range of technical processes such as dyeing and printing. There was, of course, lots of sewing. I enjoyed it all and learnt a great deal too.

Small quilt by Jeni Morrison

So what am I going to do next? When asked what I was going to do with my Open University degree I would reply “Frame it”, so perhaps that is what I will do with this too. But I have also built up a long list of ideas to explore.”

Congratulations to Jeni, Heather and Joanne!

Cushion cover by Joanne Lynch

Would you like to sign up for the Level 2 Patchwork and Appliquê course? Find out more about the Quilt Association City & Guilds course here or email [email protected] or ring 01686 413467.