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New world quilt book

4 May 2011

The Quilt Association has been sent a copy of this new American publication to review and here is our verdict:

High points:

  • Stunning high quality colour photographs throughout. 
  • The front cover features a Welsh Art Nouveau floral quilt detail.
  • Essays from expert contributors from around the world.
  • Interviews on specific topics.
  • 352 pages packed with interesting information - you can't read this book in an evening.

Low points:

  • The quilt block patterns at the end - these are superfluous. There are thousands of how-to quilt books out there already.
  • Virtually no contemporary quilts for Britain's section - how can this be with such a huge creative output in the UK?

But all in all, an excellent book, and good value at £25. 

Quilts around the World, by Spike Gillespie. Published by  Voyageur Press.