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Lighting up Minerva

14 April 2010

Funding for essential electrical work at Minerva                                     

The Quilt Association has been awarded £5,000 from Potters Waste Management under the Landfill Communities Fund. This is a Government scheme which provides funding for community or environmental projects in the vicinity of landfill sites. Companies that run landfill sites, such as Potters Waste Management, are taxed on the amount of waste they dispose of. They can give a percentage of this tax to community projects and receive a 90% tax credit in return. It is a form of “green tax”.


The Quilt Association’s successful project is called “Lighting up Minerva”. The entire front gallery area has been rewired, along with the quilt store, office, and kitchen. The work ensures that future exhibitions and events will be well lit, providing a more enjoyable viewing experience for all visitors. Hirers of the Centre throughout a busy 2010 season, such as the Wool and Willow Festival and the Christmas Craft Fair, will be able to tap into the Centre’s solar generated electricity simply and easily.

Quilt Association trustee, Jackie Newey, has worked with David Williams of Potters Waste Management to ensure the successful completion of this much-needed project. Volunteers at the Centre look forward to welcoming people to a brighter and lighter Minerva in the future.