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Spring exhibition 2020- Sorry this event has been cancelled

2 May 2020 - 30 May 2020

Still Waters Run Deep by Sheen Reeman 

Gallery 1 'Walking with Minerva' 

Work by the Turning Point Art Textiles' Group

Turning Point Art Textiles is a textile design group based in central Scotland. They make quilt collections based on a common theme. At present there are eight members. The exhibition features new work made especially for this exhibition, inspired by our venue, plus work from older collections on a variety of themes.


Red Sky at Night by Alison Drayson

Walking with Minerva by Joyce Watson

Gallery 2 ‘Personal Views’ 

Artwork from 2 years of textile art study

18 students have spent 2 years under the mentorship of Hilary Beattie on her Make it Personal course. The course aims to develop students' own styles and interpretations, working across both embroidery and quilting disciplines, and set them on a path to discovering their own artistic voice. Hilary is immensely proud of the way students have taken on the challenge of this demanding course and this exhibition shows just how far they have travelled.

The exhibition includes their final work from Year 2, plus working samples, designs and workbooks from throughout the course. Come and be amazed!