Linda Paris Print and Stitch Workshop – Day 1

What a great start to this two day workshop!!  Those of us who attended had such a fabulous time using thermofax screens to print on paper and fabric (and ourselves!). The excitement in the room was palpable once Linda (above) began to show us what the possibilities were, using both ink and discharge paste to create our images.  Everyone was keen to try out the wide variety of screens that Linda had brought with her and once we got into the swing of it there was often complete silence in the room, so absorbed were we in our work.  We ate lunch ‘on the hoof’ and the tea trolley was rather neglected as everyone wanted to produce as much as possible in the time available.  Here are some photos of the day:





































Don’t worry ladies!!  If I didn’t catch you on camera today I’ll rectify that on Day 2 on Tuesday.  Now that we kind of know what we’re doing, we’ve got a few days to let our ideas coalesce ready for our final designs.  Watch this space.

2 thoughts on “Linda Paris Print and Stitch Workshop – Day 1

  1. We couldn’t have had a better day, Linda is so generous both in her teaching and in all the resources she bought along with her today. A very happy but tired person tonight after concentrating so hard! Really looking forward to Tuesday – can we do this every week!

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