Minerva 13 is now open – Preview notes

This summer’s must-see quilt exhibition is now open.

On Sunday members of The Quilt Association, and friends of the Association were invited to the preview.  The Minerva was dressed in her new garb and looked very smart.

Despite the glorious weather and the Wimbledon final, lots of supporters came and contributed to the lively atmosphere.  The quilts were, of course, the main attraction, but the chat, the shopping opportunity, and the wonderful buffet (thanks to Jean Pegg, Jeni Morrison and Christine Cooper for their kindness) seemed important too!

 The retiring chair of the board looked pensive as he contemplated all the free time he will have:

our new chair started as she means to go on, by being charming and attentive to the guests:

and the quilts kept their thoughts to themselves.

Cauldron 2013 4

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