WHQ Round Robin

We have just hosted the Welsh Heritage Quilters’ biennial exhibition. If you missed it you will have to wait two years for the next one.  It filled both galleries and the workshop.  I am aways amazed by the quantity and quality of the work that the group produces and this year did not disappoint me.

There are aways some items grouped together that are the result of challenges.  Today everyone has been asked to start thinking of ideas for the next lot of challenges, so there will be plenty of time to work on them.

One of this year’s was a round robin based on strips.  In groups of 6 each person made a strip 36.5″ x 4.5″ using any design and choice of fabrics. This was then passed on to the next person in the group together with the fabric and a booklet outlining the theme and anything to avoid such as particular colours or embellishments. After all 6 people have done a strip for each of the members of the group, they are returned to the person who did the first one and they have the job of joining them together, in any way they like, and completing the quilt or wall hanging.

Here are the results from one of the groups.

20160330_140836  Strip Jackie

Strip Sheila  Strip Jeni


20160330_141030    Strip Maggie

The strips were all made by the same six people but are all so different. Also the approach to putting them together varies. The traditional way is to join them all horizontally without gaps or sashing.  But this restraint was not imposed.  It makes for a really interesting display.






The Workshop

20160331_150724 20160331_150706 20160330_141800So here we are at last.   The workshop is up and running. On Wednesday it was tested for the first time with a fabric dyeing in a jam jar session for the members of the Welsh Heritage Quilters. From this we realised that we needed a hand towel dispenser and a bin for the used towels. So obvious now but it is so easy to forget the obvious.

The other lesson that we learnt from this was that the public were not deterred from coming into the workshop to view the exhibition while a workshop was in progress. We really want the public to see everything that is going on in our Centre.

We have another workshop this week when those who have dyed fabric will be able to use them in a stained glass block.

The next workshop will be on 30th April when Rosie James will be guiding us through stitching a drawing. There are still a couple of places left if you fancy having a go.  There are more details on the Workshop page of this website.