Art Van Go

Stunning Fabric

Regular Minerva Arts Centre users Minerva Textiles organised a two-day workshop on mark-making on fabric and paper, using mono-print, stamping, resist with masking tape, and more, led by Viv Arthur of Art Van Go.  Whoever thinks that art is an easy option occupation, should have seen the exhaustion on everyone’s faces by the end of day two. The concentration, dedication, creativity, and enthusiasm from all the participants was humbling to behold.  Viv is a great teacher and if you ever get the chance to attend a workshop with her, snap it up.  As you can see from the images here, the students in Llanidloes produced sophisticated work, in their varied,  individual, styles – styles some didn’t even know they could express!

Art Van Go March 2015

Viv came in the Van, of Art Van Go, packed to the brim with the textile art equivalent of a toy shop and, of course, we had to shop – it was only polite.  Students snapped up the Golden Interference colours we had used during the workshop, and sketchbooks and interesting papers, tools and all manner of media.  Scrumptious!

Mark making 6

Thank you Viv!!

If you are inspired and want to join in, Minerva Textiles group meet at The Minerva Arts Centre, in Llanidloes,  on the third Wednesday of each month from 10.00 until 1.00.

Black and White

Anja Townrow Workshop

A day when the concentration levels kept the workshop very quiet!  Everyone created perfect points using Anya Townrow’s personal method of foundation piecing, and everyone agreed that her teaching method is both efficient and charming!

Anja’s own work is just beautiful – take as look at her website for examples, kits, and more.

We hope that Anja will be with us again in 2016, teaching a two day workshop full of techniques and with students completing a wonderful stitched ring binder.

2015 Activity at The Minerva Arts Centre in Llanidloes

Touch wood, we have endured a quiet winter weather wise, (there is still time!!).  This year we risked a February workshop and got away with it! No snow!!

Deborah O’Hare is always a most welcome guest, and this year she taught her exciting Landscape Fabric Painting  workshop.  Participants learned all sorts of techniques, such as using salt to dapple the surface.

Deborah has posted about her day on her own website – do have a look – she sells wonderful fabrics and kits.

Coming up this weekend we have Anja Townrow’s workshop full to bursting, as she teaches foundation piecing, and then in April, Angela Daymond will be printing with Woad – how intriguing!