City and Guilds Workshop with Edwina Mackinnon

Our City and Guilds students complete their modules from digital handbooks, and they can do all their work at home if they wish.  An added bonus, unique to The Quilt Association, is that students can attend regular study days and workshops with well-known textile artists.  The study days address any of the problems students may encounter, or give them the opportunity to try techniques, materials and media that seem tricky, guided by their tutor.  The cherry on the QA City and Guilds cupcake is that students can attend four workshops during their course.  The workshops are extra-curricular and serve to enthuse and inspire, and often expand their repertoire.  They are always enjoyable!  This month, Edwina Mackinnon came to The Minerva to teach an exclusive C&G class.

Edwina is a fantastic teacher and her Pleat, Tuck, Fray workshop had all the C&G students stitching and slashing like playful demons, all thrilled with the amount of texture the techniques were creating.

Despite the simplicity of  natural coloured calico, these samples were full of light and shade,and texture and depth.

With this student’s artistic disposition, I know none of those remnants will go to waste – a full cutting mat is such a happy sight!

Look at those strong stitching lines – faux chenille is  such a dynamic and versatile technique creating marks on fabric every bit as powerful as marks on paper!

Huge thanks to Edwina who is able to transfer information with humour and compassion!!