Busy days!

On May 16, we were delighted to welcome a large group of keen quilters from Canada.  They seemed to enjoy the Artisans Emporium almost as much as seeing the quilt collection!

On May 20, the talented and lovely Deborah O’Hare of Quilt Routes shared some of her expertise in a workshop entitled Stitching Showcase. ¬†Everyone picked up lots of new ideas and tips for adding stitched motifs to their quilts, gaining confidence in free-motion quilting, using fabric paints and transfer paints, and having a thoroughly good day!


Face Lift!

Don’t get confused on your next visit to Minerva! You will be looking for our familiar Terracotta and Blue, but will see it wearing instead a chic, and very Montgomeryshire, White and Black. No photos yet as it is a still a work in progress with our decorator, Dickie Mint, working hard to finish. Instead I will leave you with something very different, very quilt-like, and charming in its own way.

NB – Not Minerva!!

Snazzy Paint Job