Courses coming up

The current Next Steps course is full – there will be another one following the Beginners course which begins on Monday April 8, but the date has not yet been decided.

Thursday February 28  –  10.00 until 4.00 – course cost £30  – Getting the Best from Your Sewing Machine

Brilliant tutor Linda Paris will get you and your machine to be friends!  For people with sewing experience, Linda will share tips and give you the individual attention that will make uneven tension and skipped stitches a thing of the past, so you and your machine will walk hand in hand into a happy sunset!

Saturday March 2 – 10.00 until 4.00 – course cost £30  – Sewing machines for the Terrified

After this workshop you can come out from behind the sofa and start making all the crafty things of your dreams, with your sewing machine.  You will know how to thread it and change the needle, fill the bobbin and even take out the whole bobbin thingummy-jig, (which you will ever after know to call the bobbin-race) clean it, AND put it back! Crafting has never been more in and making your own clothes, home decorations and accessories will save you money too!  Don’t accept the grrrrrs from your machine anymore! Time to tame it.

(PS – if you haven’t got a machine, but wonder whether you will get on with one – come along and use one of ours for the day – you can have a go AND know what to look for in a purchase)


Minerva Textiles Group

This Wednesday from 10.00 until 12.00 Minerva Textiles will be meeting.  The group meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Members, who are interested in exploring their own approach to  textile art in all its manifestations, pay £20.00 a year and pursue their own interests supported by and encouraged by other members.  Sometimes members demonstrate techniques.

WHQ Wednesday

One of the delights of joining a local quilt group is having help with the arduous task of basting a full sized quilt. Here is what a quilt basting looks like – a huddle of generous enthusiasts.  What you can’t see is the merry chatter – it is always a very jolly event!

Basting starts before the normal Wednesday afternoon meeting of the Welsh Heritage Quilters.  During this week’s meeting, Doreen Gough demonstrated a patchwork technique,  ‘Flip and Sew’, for joining pieces and quilting all in one fell swoop!

Date for your diary

May 4 sees the opening of the second (annual we hope!) Artisan’s Emporium.  Hosted by some very talented local artists, the emporium lives up to the exotic nature of its name with a host of exquisite and unusual handmade and unique items for sale.

An early heads up gives you all the chance to start dreaming up your fantasy shopping list. The Emporium will stay open until May 29.