Cash For Quilts

We are still running our Cash for Quilts fundraiser, so if you have the itch to make an A4,or journal-size quilt, we would receive it with gratitude.

The quilts we receive will be Lucky Dipped at the summer exhibition in 2013. We seal each one into an envelope and for £5.00, you can try your luck.  It was remarkable, this year, how serendipitous people’s selections were, with several exclamations of ‘That is just my sort of quilt’, even down to a mushroom lover (is that a fungi-phile I ask myself), getting a quilt with appliquéd mushrooms upon it!

Please send them to The Minerva Arts Centre  – there are more details on our website

Christmas Workshops

The annual Christmas Fair, organised by Charles Gratrix, opens on Saturday November 10, and runs until Christmas Eve.  We have three workshops timed to run alongside and to teach you the skills you need to create patch-worked elements of a handmade Christmas.

Each of the workshops runs from 10.00 until 4.00, and costs £42.  This includes everything you need to make your family treasures.

On November 10, Doreen Gough will teach you how to make beautiful stockings to hang over the mantlepiece.  You will learn two different techniques on the day and go home with at least one finished item.

On November 24 Georgina Newson will send you home with a luxurious wreath to add a welcoming touch to your door.  You will learn a sew and flip technique and complete a wreath that measures 33cm across (that’s about 13″).

On December 1, Christine Cooper will teach an unusual class, reinterpreting the tradition of exclusive potteries in producing an annual Christmas plate.  Whilst learning a simple way to appliqué, you will go home with at least one highly decorative piece of wall art that could also be used as a place mat.