Exhibition April 12 – 27

Quilt and Stitch

Members of Welsh Heritage Quilters and Mid Wales Embroiderers have joined their creative forces to build an exhibition crammed with delights.  It is a cliche, but also a truism, to say that it is unmissable.  The exhibition, at The Minerva Arts Centre in Llanidloes, is open everyday, including Sundays from April 12 to April 27 2014 from 10.30 until 4.30.  Admission is £2.00.

Here is a sneak preview.



City and Guilds Workshop with Edwina Mackinnon

Our City and Guilds students complete their modules from digital handbooks, and they can do all their work at home if they wish.  An added bonus, unique to The Quilt Association, is that students can attend regular study days and workshops with well-known textile artists.  The study days address any of the problems students may encounter, or give them the opportunity to try techniques, materials and media that seem tricky, guided by their tutor.  The cherry on the QA City and Guilds cupcake is that students can attend four workshops during their course.  The workshops are extra-curricular and serve to enthuse and inspire, and often expand their repertoire.  They are always enjoyable!  This month, Edwina Mackinnon came to The Minerva to teach an exclusive C&G class.

Edwina is a fantastic teacher and her Pleat, Tuck, Fray workshop had all the C&G students stitching and slashing like playful demons, all thrilled with the amount of texture the techniques were creating.

Despite the simplicity of  natural coloured calico, these samples were full of light and shade,and texture and depth.

With this student’s artistic disposition, I know none of those remnants will go to waste – a full cutting mat is such a happy sight!

Look at those strong stitching lines – faux chenille is  such a dynamic and versatile technique creating marks on fabric every bit as powerful as marks on paper!

Huge thanks to Edwina who is able to transfer information with humour and compassion!!

Minerva 13 Exhibition – Colourful Kantha workshop

Jean’s Kantha

There are some really interesting workshops running throughout the summer exhibition.  Have a look at our website for those yet to come (including classes by Edwina Mackinnon and Catherine Nichols).  Saturday saw Jane Davies teaching Colourful Kantha Jeni Morrison has kindly shared her thoughts on the day.

We spent a wonderfully relaxing day on 27th July experimenting with a modern take on Kantha quilting/embroidery. Kantha is a sort of wholecloth quilting with texture that originated in Bangladesh as a way for thrifty women to make bed quilts from layers of old fabrics that had become too frail to wear.  They used the minimum amount of stitching with coloured threads, often obtained by unravelling borders.  The technique disappeared from public view in the 1940s but underwent a revival in the 70s and 80s, opening up a Western market with wall hangings, bags, cushion covers, etc.

Jeni’s Kantha

My A4 sample has a felt backing, topped with Indian scraps and a section of a sari, sewn onto the felt with running stitches, embellished with beads and a border of traditional embroidery.  Depending on how the rows of running stitches are placed the resulting troughs and furrows give an added dimension to the fabric. This was an inspiring workshop specially designed for a quilter who likes texture!

Pauline’s Kantha

SiX and Friends Visit The Minerva Arts Centre

The Minerva Arts Centre had a special Sunday opening so that the contemporary art quilt group Six and Friends, whose work graces our current exhibition, could meet visitors and talk about their work.  Hilary Beattie gave a fascinating demonstration of a lively technique for creating a background for applied silhouettes.

It isn’t often that SiX and Friends can get together – it is a shame that Catherine Nicholls could not be here, but she and Edwina Mackinnon will be back in August to run workshops.  Along with Orientation by SiX and Friends, the exhibition includes work by Cauldron, and a selection of Canadian Red Cross quilts.  Dr. Anna Mansi is giving a talk on these vintage quilts on August 3 – see our website for details.  The exhibition is on until September 7 2013.

Minerva 13 is now open – Preview notes

This summer’s must-see quilt exhibition is now open.

On Sunday members of The Quilt Association, and friends of the Association were invited to the preview.  The Minerva was dressed in her new garb and looked very smart.

Despite the glorious weather and the Wimbledon final, lots of supporters came and contributed to the lively atmosphere.  The quilts were, of course, the main attraction, but the chat, the shopping opportunity, and the wonderful buffet (thanks to Jean Pegg, Jeni Morrison and Christine Cooper for their kindness) seemed important too!

 The retiring chair of the board looked pensive as he contemplated all the free time he will have:

our new chair started as she means to go on, by being charming and attentive to the guests:

and the quilts kept their thoughts to themselves.

Cauldron 2013 4

City and Guilds Level 2 Patchwork and Appliqué School Trip!

The Minerva is filled to the brim with Wool and Willow, so no room for the City and Guilds June study day.  Instead, we had a school trip to Lampeter to see the Kaffe Fasset exhibition at Jen Jones’ Welsh Quilt Centre.  We also popped in to Calico Kate’s – as you do!

We had some great conversations of a quite academic nature, on aspects of Kaffe’s work and also the work of Diane Milstein, which was fascinating and delightful.  Some of Jen’s Welsh quilts are also on display and the exhibition as a magnificent whole is highly recommended.

The outing was such fun, yet still an education, that it may well have to be an annual June event!

City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate Patchwork and Applique – Ruth Issett workshop

Students work Ruth Issett Workshop

Ruth Issett Workshop

This week, our students enjoyed an exhausting but thoroughly inspiring two-day workshop with the Queen of Colour: Ruth Issett.   Ruth has so much knowledge, and is so very generous in sharing it, that everyone produced exciting work!  They seemed surprised by their own ability, but the students showed that they have the individuality and the creativity to succeed!Ruth Issett workshop 2013

Ruth Issett Workshop 2013

They certainly demonstrated that they have the necessary application too, as the room was sometimes as quiet as a Welsh mountain top, with everyone delving into pools of Golden Yellow and Lemon Yellow, Magenta and Scarlet, Cyan and Deep Blue, using dyes, acrylics and Markal sticks.  The results were delightfully varied and had oodles of design potential and everyone gained in confidence and ideas.

A Workshop with Deborah O’Hare – Stitching Showcase

Deborah O HareDeborah O’Hare, who sells her beautiful hand-dyed fabrics online from Quilt Routes, is coming to The Minerva Arts Centre on May 20 to run a day workshop called Stitching Showcase.

Learn how to add stitched motifs to your art quilts and textile creations.  This class explores a variety of simple processes to add to your art quilting tool box. Create a number of different samples that can be combined into one stylish wall hanging.

 Deborah O Hare

To book a place email education@quilt.org.uk