The Last Post

It’s been quite a while since a blog post has been added. We’re really sorry about this but the Quilt Association is run by a very small band of volunteers and time is too short to blog as regularly as we’d like. So this will be The Last Post.

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Spring has (nearly) sprung…

…And when Spring arrives we know it’s time for World Textile Day!!  This annual event takes place every March at our home, the Minerva Arts Centre, and is a very eagerly anticipated event.  This year it’s happening on Saturday 17th March, opening at 10am and closing at 4.30pm.  There is always lots to see and the Fair Trade market gives you the opportunity to handle and buy fabric that you can’t find anywhere else. At 11am Susan Briscoe will be giving a presentation called ‘Hand to Hand: Japanese Sashiko’ and at 2pm there will be a panel of experts discussing their most treasured textiles plus a short talk.  There is free entry on the day, and tickets for the two above mentioned sessions can be bought on the door – £3 per session or £5 for both.  Refreshments will be available, prepared and served by our local quilt group, Welsh Heritage Quilters. Don’t miss out on a wonderful day.

Our next event, also eagerly anticipated, is this year’s exhibition by Welsh Heritage Quilters (WHQ).  Opening on 24th March and running until 7th April, this exhibition, called True Colours is open from 10am until 4.30pm every day except Sundays.  These exhibitions by WHQ happen every two years and are well known for the wide range of items displayed and visitors always remark on how colourful the displays are. So this year the group decided to use this as a theme and you will find quilts and other items using the colours of poppies to mark the centenary of the Armistice; the colours of the Suffragette movement; the colours of the Welsh flag, as incorporated into the group’s logo and generally just wonderful use of colourful fabrics – both vibrant and muted.

Here are a few images to whet your appetite!!

A quilt in the colours of the suffragettes by Jackie Morley

Poppies by Pauline Sherwood

Owl by Chris Lane

See what I mean about the colourfulness!!! I’ll add more later.

In the meantime, I hope(especially if you’re in the UK) you’re enjoying the weather. Looking fprward to seeing you in beautiful Mid-Wales soon!!

A whole new world

We’ve all watched Escape To The Country and that’s what my husband and I did. When I first moved here to the beautiful heart of Wales, I had been a teacher for twenty plus years with little time for anything other than work.  At first the chance to have a bit of peace and quiet, take walks in the countryside and read my way through a list of books I’d never got around to filled my days. But after a while I was bored with all that. Plus, when you’re new to an area you need to get out and make a new network of friends.

So one day I spotted a two day willow basket -making workshop at a place called The Minerva Arts Centre which was in our nearest town just four miles away.  The basket making was a disaster – weaving willow was not for me I’m afraid. But what an amazing place I had found!  As someone who had done a bit of patchwork and quilting many moons ago the weekly quilting group, Welsh Heritage Quilters, gave me a chance to not only brush up on my old skills but to build a social life too. And then I discovered the workshops run by the Quilt Association which opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities for me.   I’ve always loved sewing and I’ve also always painted and sketched when time allowed.  Over the last couple of years I’ve been on several workshops at Minerva that have combined my love of sewing and art. Fabric, paints, colour.  What’s not to like!!! This is the journey I’ve been on so far.

In 2015 I went on a workshop tutored by Deborah O’Hare. We learned lots of different techniques for painting fabric and came away with lots of samples, some of which I’ve recently used on a World War One themed piece. Deborah will be back at Minerva on 26th July to teach a workshop called Layers and Shadows

Last March, I did a Print and Stitch workshop with Linda Paris where we used thermofax screens to print onto both commercially produced and hand dyed fabric.  Again, I’m still using up some of the samples we made that day on my WW1 piece. And the little thermofax screen of a stag I bought from Linda was used to make my Christmas cards last year.  I don’t think Linda is teaching any longer but her legacy lives on.

Below are a couple of photos which show an example of the painted landscape backgrounds I did with Deborah O’Hare.  The top one has been incorporated into a piece about World War One and the one below has a thermofax print on top, done with Linda Paris.

In May we held a Spring School tutored by Hilary Beattie. Hilary has a lot of followers and the course was full before I tried to book so I had to make do with looking at her work in our Spring Exhibition which featured work by the group Art Textiles:Made in Britain, of which Hilary is a member. I then discovered she has a whole series of videos on YouTube so I was able to watch and learn. Until I did that I’d never heard of acrylic wax or gelatos. Thanks, Hilary!

In August I did a fantastic two day workshop with Bobby Britnell,  a wonderful teacher who gives her students so much confidence to try new things.  What I took from those two days was an absolute passion for mono printing and, in particular, making my own stamps. I cannot tell you how much pleasure this new technique has given me.  I learned so much from Bobby – I am like a woman possessed. This was followed by a two day workshop in November led by Ruth Issett, Ruth is the absolute hero of many a would-be textile artist because of the way she uses colour in her work.  From her I learned how to improve my work with mono printing by overdyeing with procion dyes and how to be brave with colour.  The workshop was such an enjoyable one – one of my fellow students was beyond excited at the start of the second day (yes you, Lynda!).

Foam print blocks I made after my workshop with Bobby Britnell.

Mono prints in my sketch book using the foam blocks.

Mono prints on cotton fabric, waiting to be overdyed.

Mono printing and overdyeing done on Ruth Issett’s workshop.

Both Bobby and Ruth are members of the Textile Study Group , ‘a group of nationally and internationally recognised textile artists and tutors, well known for innovative and challenging approaches to art practice and contemporary teaching.’ We are so pleased to be one of the venues for their touring exhibition, DIS/rupt, which opens here at Minerva Arts Centre on 21st April. As part of our Spring Exhibition series of workshops, Bobby will be tutoring a half day workshop , Barking Up The Right Tree, for us on 8th May, and Ruth will be here on 25th May to lead a half day workshop called Disrupting Repetitive Pattern. We are also delighted to welcome Sarah Burgess, another member of TSG, on 28th April for a day workshop entitled Lost And Found.

This has been a long (and quite personal) post for me but I wanted to share with you how much being part of the Quilt Association means to me.  As a group of trustees we are passionate about what we do.  We take our responsibilities as curators of the building and conservators of the quilts we care for very seriously but we also have a commitment to sharing the very best practice in quiltmaking and textile art through the medium of our workshops programme.

If you haven’t been on one of our workshops before please give it a go!! I promise you that you will learn so much and have a fabulous time. We are in a beautiful part of the country and many of our course participants bring their ‘other half’ along. There’s plenty for them to do – walking, fishing, cafes, trains!!!

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Happy New Year

Well, Minerva Arts Centre may be closed but that doesn’t mean we’re idle.  As I write there is lots of stuff going on behind the scenes preparing both galleries and the workoom for a full year ahead.  The display boards are currently being serviced, the painters will soon be in and this morning Chrissie Menzies, of Chrysalis Art to Wear, delivered the gorgeous new Quilt Association banners she has nuno felted and stitched for us.

We have a very full calendar of events for 2018.  Our twice yearly Vintage Style Fair is the first event this year and runs from 24th February until 10th March.

March 24th sees the opening of True Colours, the biennial exhibition from Welsh Heritage Quilters, our local and very talented quilt group which meets weekly at the centre. Their colourful and very popular exhibitions showcase new work on a variety of themes.

Our annual Spring Exhibition is DIS/rupt, which showcases the talents of members of the Textile Study Group. This touring exhibition on the theme of disruption has already been on show in Stroud and is currently on in Oldham.  Some members of the group will be running workshops during the period of the exhibition.

The Wool and Willow Festival will be hosted by us once again in June and then in July we’re really pleased to be exhibiting work by students from our local secondary school, Llanidloes High.  Dathliad  is a celebration of pieces the students have created for their GCSE and A level work and is generally of a very high standard so we thought it deserved a wider audience!

Our summer exhibition this year features some of the beautiful antique Welsh quilts we have in our own collection, plus contemporary work by Bethan Ash, Deborah O’Hare  and the Cwilt Cymru group.  All of these textile artists are based in Wales and we are delighted to be showcasing their work this year.

The Vintage Style Fair returns in October and we then see out the year with our highly popular and successful Christmas Craft Fair which is a must-visit event for locals and visitors from further afield.

There are more details of all these events (and I’ll write more about each one nearer the date) on our website of course.  Don’t forget to like our facebook page too.



Confessions of a blogger

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since my last blog post.  The thing is, I had so much fun on the last two QA workshops I went on, that I’ve been too busy using my new found skills to get on with what I’m supposed to be doing.  It’s called displacement activity and I’m guilty as charged.   After learning how to print using thermofax screens with Linda Paris, and then doing some block printing with Bobby Britnell I’m afraid I’m hooked.  Sorry 🙁

But on the plus side, my Christmas cards are coming along a treat!!!

Anyway, just to let you know that the information about Bethan Ash’s workshop is now on the website, plus details of a workshop by Jane Davies which is coming up next April.  Don’t tell anyone else yet, but there’ll soon be details on the website of a workshop by Deborah O’Hare too!!

Our programme for 2018 is now complete and our bookmarks, which we use to promote all of our exhibitions and events at the Minerva Arts Centre, are just off to the printers.  I’m really pleased to say that we have something to interest everyone.  An event new for us next year is an exhibition of the work of the talented students at our local secondary school, Llanidloes High.  Some of the QA trustees visited last year to look at the work of their GCSE and A level Art students and were so impressed we felt it deserved a wider audience.  We hope that some of them will go on to further study and begin to use textiles in their work.

That’s all for now.  I solemnly promise to blog more regularly. Unless I get distracted……

The sound of dust settling

It’s been a while since the last post – not that nothing’s been happening – it’s just that  we’ve been busy taking down our summer exhibition and making plans for next year. We had over 2000 visitors to the Minerva Arts Centre over the last few weeks and their comments in our Visitors’ Book show how much they’ve enjoyed their trip to Llanidloes. Our Cash4Quilts have sold out!! This means we have extra funds to spend on more beautiful antique quilts to add to our collection.

We’re currently very busy firming up our programme for next year and have already put four workshops into the calendar.  As you know from my last post we are looking forward to our Spring exhibition DIS/rupt from the Textile Study Group and we can now proudly announce that three of the Group’s members, Sarah Burgess, Bobby Britnell and Ruth Issett will be running a day or half-day workshop alongside the exhibition.  details of all three are on the website now. Follow this link:

We’re also delighted to say that, in September, Bethan Ash will be tutoring a workshop for us.  More information about that on the website very soon.

Watch this space – we’ve lots more plans in the pipeline!!



Too much to do, not enough time…

…hence this is a VERY quick post!!  But I just wanted to remind you that there are only a couple of weeks left to see our Summer exhibition which is proving to be very popular with our visitors.  If I remember, I’ll take some photos of their comments this afternoon and pop them up here and on our facebook page later.

We had a Board of Trustees meeting last night and went through next year’s programme which sounds AMAZING!!  Our Spring Exhibition will be DIS/rupt from the Textile Study Group (more details here  The exhibition had a successful run in Stroud earlier this year and is also visiting the Oldham Gallery before coming to us.  I saw a short film about the exhibition this morning and my reaction was “Wow!!”   We’ll also be running some related workshops tutored by artists from Textile Study Group.  I’ll post details as soon as they are available so watch this space.

It’s wet and dank in Mid-Wales this morning.  Hope the sun’s shining where you are. Bye for now.


As promised, here are some of the comments in our Visitors’ Book:




Bobby Britnell Workshop Day 1

Bobby Britnell, a long time supporter of The Quilt Association, is exhibiting at The Minerva Arts Centre throughout the summer and yesterday she began teaching a two-day workshop.

At times, the workshop was as quiet as an exam room, such was the concentration….

Assisted by copious tea and biscuits, they studied hard, but all expressed great enjoyment!

Can't wait to see what today brings! Will post later.

Blog on the run…..

It’s been an incredibly busy couple of weeks at the QA.  As you will have seen from our news section, our annual summer exhibition is now up and running.  It truly does look stunning and we’re so pleased with how it looks.

Gallery One has attracted attention because of the unusual pieces of new work by Ruth Singer.  Ruth came to look at some of our oldest quilts and was inspired by the stains and areas of wear and tear the quilts had acquired over their long lives.  The piece in our front window, which she calls Tracery, reflects the way that quilts disintegrate over time – the fabric decaying but the stitching remaining in place.

She has also produced some wonderful stained pieces which our visitors can touch and spread out to see the full effect.

The patchwork blocks have proved very popular with young and old alike.  These are blocks of wood covered in fabric which can be moved around to form different patchwork patterns, although our younger visitors like to make buildings out of them.  On our preview evening we had a beautiful castle made by Elin, and during our opening morning two lovely young visitors made a wonderful house!!

Many of our visitors have been surprised to find that the antique quilts in the exhibition are so worn but of course these are the ones that Ruth found so fascinating.  Some of them have their reverse sides on show in order to display the wonderful staining on the back or worn patches, like the two below:


One of the pieces is merely a fragment of an unfinished top – but what a beauty it is, complete with paper pieces that our visitors can examine through a magnifying glass.

There truly is something to interest everyone – whether you are a quilter or not.  In fact, on the opening morning (at the risk of sounding sexist) many of the gentlemen visitors surprised themselves by actually enjoying looking at the exhibits.



The exhibition in Gallery Two, a retrospective of the work of Bobby Britnell, was an absolute delight to put up.  The four Trustees who make up the Exhibition Committee (including yours truly) got far too excited when we realised we could turn a corner of the space into a reading room.  Bobby’s two pieces Library and Bookshelves became the focal point and we dressed the rest of the room accordingly, including a table borrowed form our local furniture store on which was placed a book called, appropriately, Minerva – genius idea, Joy!!

If you want to see more photos there are lots on our facebook page:

I really don’t have time to post more – it’s time for the last episode of Poldark!!

Suffice to say we had SUCH fun putting up the whole exhibition although we are now exhausted. However, tomorrow is another day and we go again with a two-day workshop tutored by Bobby which we’re SO looking forward too.  I’ll post some photos of that as soon as I can.  Until then, thanks for reading!!!