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6 May 2017 - 3 June 2017

Exhibition and workshops by the contemporary group Art Textiles: Made in Britain.

Much of life is about what we conceal and what we choose to reveal; what is visible and what is hidden; clear communications and hidden messages and the concealed ties that bind us all .

So much of life is not quite what it seems.

 In this new exhibition, Art Textiles: Made in Britain, together with invited artists consider some personal interpretations and experiences of what may be concealed.

The Artists:

The artists who comprise the group cover a wide range of textile art interpretations and styles. They are:

Louise Baldwin; Pauline Barnes; Hilary Beattie; Ineke Berlyn; Cas Holmes; Rosie James; Edwina Mackinnon; Sandra Meech; Stephanie Redfern; Christine Restall and Jenny Rolfe 

For this exhibition Art Textiles are joined by Rachel Gornall and Sylvia Paul.

  Art Textiles: Made in Britain website.